EVS w Hiszpanii, Eurosensibiliza2 en la inclusión

EVS w HiszpaniiEVS w Hiszpanii to wspólna propozycja organizacji Foundation Ramón Rey Ardid we współpracy z Fundacją Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego. Zgłoszenie CV i list motywacyjny w j. angielskim należy przesłać na adresy mailowe: natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu oraz lrincon@reyardid.org (Zgłoszenia należy wysłać na oba adresy mailowe!)

W tytule wiadomości prosimy wpisać na jaki projekt państwo aplikujecie: mental health area  lub immigration area

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 31 stycznia 2017r.

W treści wiadomości mailowej prosimy dodać informację:
Sending organization: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Acronym: FRSP
Adress: Warszawska 6, 311 room, 40-006 Katowice, Silesia region, POLAND
PIC: 934141623
Accreditation number: 2015-1-PL01-KA110-014455
EVS coordinator
Natalia Podbielska
My sending organization is able to apply with the project to the Polish NA for the nearest deadline


Receiving organization: Foundation Ramón Rey Ardid
Zaragoza, Spain
31st of January  2017

project description
We are looking for 2 volunteers to come to Spain and collaborate with our project of social inclusion in 2 areas: Mental Health and Inmigration

The activities will take place in two main areas:

This part is located in the Social Club. The Social Club is a resource to facilitate the social integration through leisure and recreation with adults affected by mental illness who are in a stable clinical condition. The programmes are:
• Leisure time Program: cooking, theater, languages, games, sport, etc… The Summer Camp week-long is part within this program.
• Awareness program in schools, high schools and other centers where, in addition to reporting the reality of mental illness, the ERASMUS + Programme is explained too. It is carried out on a casual basis.

Within the Integration department it develops a project to meet the specific needs of immigrants. The activities carried out are:
• Training for immigrants. Workshops and Spanish literacy, computer, job search and training for immigrant women.
• Intercultural activities. Volunteers participate in outside activities to promote cultural exchange (with other young adults, users of other services, etc.).

Volunteers will participate in the organization, execution and evaluation of the activities in addition to the local volunteers and professionals. Also, they will have the opportunity of develop their own personal project during the project progress.

Volunteers will have the opportunity of participate in trades, volunteering meetings (monthly), training actions, special events. These activities will be optional for volunteers.

Volunteers will receive specific training on the areas where they will participate (in the mental health area: mental illness, disability, existing resources. And in the area of immigration: cultural patterns, multiculturalism, coexistence, etc.) as well as language training. They were also facilitated access to other trainings that may be of interest to them. Throughout the entire project mechanisms will be established to assess the learning process.

Foundation Ramón Rey Ardid is a non-profit organization that was created in 1991 to attend the need of people affected by mental illness. After more than 20 years of experience our organization has grown and increased its social presence, by working with other collectives at risk of exclusion (older people, migrants, young people in difficulty, etc.).

The main goals are to achieve full social integration, to cover their basic needs and to improve both their quality of life and their relatives. To achieve these goals we developed different actions: training, awareness, leisure and recreation (open-door activities, visits, etc.), EVS, non formal education.


EVS w Hiszpanii