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EVS w PortugaliiEVS w Portugalii to wspólna propozycja organizacji SOPRO we współpracy z Fundacją Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego. Projekt został zaakceptowany do dofinansowania przez Polską Narodową Agencję i rozpocznie się już w lipcu 2018. Zgłoszenia należy dokonać wysyłając CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim na adres mailowy: natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 19 sierpnia 2018r.

Organizacja przyjmująca: SOPRO
Miejsce: Barcelinhos, Portugalia
Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 19/08/2018
Rozpoczęcie wolontariatu: 07/09/2018
Zakończenie wolontariatu: 05/05/2019
Czas trwania: wolontariat długoterminowy, 8 miesięcy
Dostępne wolne miejsca: 4 wolontariuszy z Polski

Wolontariusze będą mieli okazję działać społecznie z organizacją SOPRO. Będziecie mogli się wykazać w takich tematach jak nowe technologie, ochrona środowiska, kultura i sztuka, działania z młodzieżą itp. Do Waszych zadań należeć będzie:
– wzbogacanie programu zajęć dla lokalnej młodzieży i dzieci;
– warsztaty, wykłady, debaty, prezentacje
– specjalne akcje jak Hiking-Bike-Trail Solidary
– wspieranie akcji społecznych jak banku materiałów szkolnych czy banku żywności
– promowanie Programu Erasmus+
i wiele innych. Szczegóy poniżej

Video prezentujące działania SOPRO

SOPRO organization description:
The partner chosen for this project is SOPRO, it’s a Portugese NGO, for its curriculum related to Volunteering. SOPRO is a Non-Governmental Association for Development, Non Profit Public Entity, with 22 years of existence and 19 years of experience in sending volunteers to Mozambique. In Portugal working with young people with special needs, at-risk youth with exchanges, volunteering in NGO, such as separation of textbooks, preparation of transportation of goods donated to Mozambique. SOPRO also works on sending and receiving EVS volunteers with their trusted partners. SOPRO works on issues such as gender equality and domestic violence and dating violence. Promotes youth school groups on Volunteering and Prevention Dating Violence.

Project activities:
The project will be based on the competencies and objectives of EVS volunteers, is the joint work with a group of young people between 12 and 17 years of age from disadvantaged areas, in a situation of risk, in order to carry out social reintegration and its full development and full autonomy. This is one of the profiles of young Europeans seeking radicalism. In this sense, the EVS volunteers are asked to work on the non-formal education of these young people, helping them to be “capable citizens”, based on solidarity and a spirit of European cooperation, with a critical and social conscience, situating the concept of citizenship in the perspective practical skills, intervention and action.

Motivation and support for continuity in studies and educational success through different activities such as internet access, through the safe research of themes related to Radicalism, profiles of people who offer themselves to this type of initiative, actions carried out, impacts and consequences for Europe and the affected Communities. Strengthening of the critical thinking of young people, perception of consequences.

Organization of sport competitions, workshops, exhibitions, debates, lectures, creative spaces, painting, cultural activities, environmental, European and European values, Radicalism and Youth, Impacts on affected communities and other reflection activities on European themes.

The contact with initiatives that are carried out by SOPRO, such as Clothing Collection, Food Bank, Walk-Bike-Trail. Give volunteers the opportunity to participate in new projects, meet people, communities and entities that are part of the daily life of SOPRO, providing volunteers with knowledge and experiences;

Support volunteers to work on issues such as equality, non-formal education, multiculturalism, responsibility, solidarity, value formation, inclusion, multilingualism, volunteering, communication, socialization, teamwork, active and European citizenship, creativity and innovation, environment, new technologies, making them capable European citizens capable of being involved in the transformation of everything that can contribute to a better society.

It is intended that young people will be able to implement European values in sending and receiving organizations, future projects they will implement and in their personal lives through non-formal education. Young people will be able to adapt to new challenges, acquire new knowledge and improve linguistic, social, communication and personal skills. Work methods, resilience, network, European spirit, interculturality and universality will be strengthened.

More specifically:
The volunteers will have space to develop their Personal Project:
– Organization of environmental activities. Throughout EVS, education through practice.
– Arts: theater, painting, drawing, with the creation of clubs to stimulate the creativity of students. It will have the duration of all EVS.
– Workshops and training – there will be young people to participate in weekly ateliers, under different themes – environment, sports, digital communication, social networks, creativity, arts, linguistics.
– Sport activities: organization of sports tournaments, learning new practices, accompaniments of participants in leisure activities.
– New Technologies and Digital Communication, workshops, lectures, debates, presentations, researchers.

During their EVS, volunteers participated in initiatives and celebrations with young people.
– Summer: invigoration of leisure time, enriching the program of activities with their knowledge and skills.
– support the study, accompaniment of the young people in the school course, teach, support and motivate, so that the students feel capable.
– Hiking-Bike-Trail Solidary SOPRO , SOPRO Birthday
Contact with public entities of Barcelos, contact with the public of the event and companies and entities partners of SOPRO in Barcelos. Learn to work in a team, work around and solve problems and obstacles, get sponsorship, ways to promote events. Responsibilities and commitments made before the society in the organization of the event.
– School Material Bank – support in the bank through the receipt of books coordinating volunteers in the campaign to collect school material, promotion and dissemination of the project, innovative ideas for the development and improvement of the bank, this activity runs throughout the year.
– SOPRO Food Bank, organization in the Food Collection Campaign, separation, organization and delivery of baskets, this activity takes place throughout the year.
– Organization of thematic days and weeks: 11 March European Day of Victims of Terrorism, 7 to 11 May Europe Week, 15 June World Youth Skills Day, 26 September European Day of Languages. The result will be a brochure with teaching and informing about the theme of the day in portuguese and polish.
– Organizing the Cultural Cuisine,culinary workshop and presentation of national Polish dish for partcicipantes. Teaching of basic words of Polish vobulary, traditional dances. Make a short video about the life of a young volunteer in Portugal.
– Interviews with locals and volunteers on topic of volunteering and inclusion,Erasmus+ in order to promote mobility and cooperation between EU countries and Portugal,enhance the role of youth workers and youth organizations,inspire youth to become active citizens.Creation of promoting video.
– Organize a campaign to raise awareness among local people and spread European symbols across the city, and ask people what Europe is doing a final video presentation of the results.

Practical arrangements:
Volunteers will stay in an apartment with 2 bedrooms (double rooms), living room, kitchen and WC. The apartment is equipped and furnished. It is located on the outskirts of Barcelos and close to SOPRO. In the city and for activities that are outside the city, SOPRO guarantees the transportation of the volunteers. Barcelos is a small town, everything is quite close. Volunteers can travel by foot, by bus or by transport organized by SOPRO. SOPRO guarantees the trips between the Porto (airport) Barcelos / Barcelos – Porto (airport) on arrival and departure of the volunteers.

Food: Volunteers will have a budget to manage expenses related to their food (120€ per month, per volunteer) and SOPRO will contribute with food and other goods from the NGO’s Food Bank.

Pocket Money: 150,00 EUR/ 1 month

Tutoring and Support: SOPRO has an EVS coordinator who works with EVS volunteers and SOPRO volunteers. In the NGO we have already received annually volunteers who pass through Portugal and school interns who support SOPRO in voluntary work. The EVS mentor is a volunteer already accustomed to working with the volunteers we receive at NGO, whose role is to support volunteers. Assist in daily and adaptive tasks. Support the volunteer in everything you need.

The tutor and mentor are prepared to work and support with the volunteers in whatever they need, they will give all personal assistance, helping them to integrate into the local community, realizing how they feel and how they are. Communication between the sending association and SOPRO will be maintained so that volunteers feel supported. There will be work meetings every week at SOPRO to discuss the learning outcomes with the volunteer at the end of the activity and to assist the volunteers in their tasks with the goal of obtaining the Youth Pass and Certificate SOPRO.

– Holidays: one month during the EVS period of 8 months and assured, this time being distributed in 1 periods of 15 days.

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EVS w Portugalii