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EVS w GruzjiEVS w Gruzji to propozycja Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i gruzińskiej organizacji Association Merkuri poszukującej wolontariuszy na EVS w mieście Zugdidi. Zgłoszenia (CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu
W tytule wiadomości prosimy wpisywać “Merkuri long term” lub “Merkuri short term” w zależności od tego który projekt bardziej Państwu odpowiada

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 22 styczeń 2017  r.

W treści wiadomości mailowej prosimy dodać:
Sending organization: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Acronym: FRSP
Adress: Warszawska 6, 311 room, 40-006 Katowice, Silesia region, POLAND
PIC: 934141623
Accreditation number: 2015-1-PL01-KA110-014455
EVS coordinator:
Natalia Podbielska

Coordinating/Receiving organisation: Association Merkuri
Location: Zugdidi, Georgia
Deadline: 22/01/2017
Duration: 7th of September 2017 – 6th of July 2018 ( 10 months)
1st of July 2017 – 31st August 2018 (2 months)
Length: Long term project or short term project (59 days)
Placements: 2 volunteers (long term) or 10 volunteers (short term)

Tym razem propozycja w przepięknej Gruzji. Organizacja Merkuri oferuje projekt typowo biurowy dla 2 wolontariuszy z Polski, gdzie osoby te skupiać będą się na codziennej pomocy pracy stowarzyszenia lub projekty krótkoterminowe gdzie wolontariusz będą działać z dzieciakami podczas organizowanych campów, obozów kolonijnych itp.

Description of organisation
The mission of Association: the assistance in development of civil society. Strategy of Association: women and children rights and their education. The aims of organization: supporting the development of civil society in Georgia, action aimed at resolving conflicts through peaceful means, the introduction of educational initiatives in Georgia, working with international and local youth programme, support the young people physical, spiritual and educational development and to develop educational initiatives in the field of civil society. Target-groups: women, teenagers and children, represented by the local and IDP (Internally Displaced Persons/Refugees) women and children. At our organization is Youth club. Our organization works for 2 directions: Youth and gender programs. Organisation structure: number of members our organization are 15 people. Board 5 women.4 people are full-time, 6 people are by part-time 5 people are volunteers. Our activities are: project The prevention company of violence in Samegrelo Region until 2015, participation in international Actions against climate change, 350, World AIDS day, International company 16 days against women violence, trainings, seminars, public lectures for youth, conferences for teenagers, language courses for youth, Youth club.

Our organization association Merkuri located in Zugdidi, Georgia. Zugdidi is capital of Samegrelo region and is a biggest town region. Samegrelo is bordered by the secessionist region of Abkhazia to the north-west. The city and the region have been affected by the 1991-1992 civil war in Abkhazia. Most of the IDPs from Abkhazia are living in Samegrelo region, especially in Zugdidi. However in the city and in whole region are number of problems young people face (especially from rural areas surrounding Zugdidi) can be identified: from the lack of skills and education, to the lack of opportunities and resources and, moreover, to the lack of motivation and passiveness. EVS volunteers will work in close cooperation with Merkuri staff, contributing to its activities and creating new ones according to his/her skills, interests and motivation. Working conditions: Merkuri will provide volunteers with working space which includes: own desk, personal computer, internet connection, office materials. Human and technical resources of the organization will be available to the volunteers any time. For short-term group EVS mainly will be dedicated to run campaigns together with local volunteers and members of the organisation on follow issues: promotion of volunteering, outdoor activities, gender equality and fight against gender and domestic violence, health lifestyle, intercultural exchange, art and etc. In order to enable the volunteers to implement their personal projects, a permanent support will be proposed in order the realize his ideas and project.

Merkuri will offer the volunteer the opportunity to live in a host family. The volunteer will share a room with other volunteer. The house will have electricity and hot water an also bathroom. House will be near to our office. Approximately 10-15 minutes walk. However, if the volunteer will decide that he wants to live in a separate flat, Merkuri will help the volunteer to find a decent flat. For the short term group volunteers we work together with hosting families that provide also the meals and mentor support. Food: volunteers will prepare their own meals. Pocket money: 80 euro per month will go directly to the volunteer /according to the Youth in Action rules of 2013. Local transport: The volunteer will be given resources for local transport where necessary.


The volunteers can offer the activities to the youngsters according to their abilities and interests. Main tasks that will be offered to LONG-TERM EVS volunteers in office are: assisting in the current project (take photos, select visual materials, organize energizers etc), to publish information about the current activities on the web-site of the organisation, to assist the organisation to work the cinema club, choosing the films, watching and make discussions. Involvement in organization Youth club (short workshops about different topics, assisting trainer in language courses, organising summer school, outdoor activities: games, excursions, competitions, photography workshops with children etc.) We teach our volunteers methods of non-formal education, that they will be used in different activities during working in our organization. Helping staff of organisation with everyday work as much as one can ( for example, fundraising, collecting of needful information in internet, periodically updating a web-page of the organisation, technical support etc). We will provide to getting skills and knowledge for volunteer, if volunteer need it. Organize different events for youngsters and women in our partners organizations (private schools, library, art gallery, women club etc). Volunteer can develop different Activities for children- from presenting their countries, cultures, traditions, etc. through workshops on subjects that interested them.

Volunteers will have a task supervisor, who will provide them with information related to tasks, local reality or any related topic. They will assist volunteers in getting acquainted with working techniques of the organization, enhance their learning opportunities and provide space for their creativity and initiative to make suggestion for current and future projects of the organization. The EVS volunteers will be encouraged to participate with their own ideas and experiences and during their EVS experience they will have the chance to introduce new activities according to their skills and interests, having in mind the team objectives and possibilities.

Example of working schedule for Long-term EVS (volunteer will work 30-35 hours in a week):
-collect and promoting local social and cultural events;
-information tables and providing logistical support,
-organizeYouth club (short workshops about different topics, assisting trainer in language courses, organising summer school,
outdoor activities:games,excursions,competitions, photography workshops with children etc.)
-organize play sessions and sport events for children, families, young parents, womens as private schools,library,art gallery,women
club etc
-organize cinema club,choosing the films,watching and make discussions (movies will be connected with intercultural
dialogue,showing intercultural issues,european values,activie citizenship,activity at the local level etc.)
-create media materials about the activities as well as about voluntary service generally and promote it on social media platforms
(facebook,blogs etc.)
-widening informal network of Merkuri by getting in touch with NGOs,local authorities,active youth workers,institutions, through the
informal connections created during the above activities
-invite local young people to events(e.g. performances, exhibitions,open craft workshops) organised by participants of youth
exchanges, trainings, voluntary actions taking place in our organization
-involve the local youngsters to the rural development carried out by the EVSers and activities related to the protection of nature:
e.g. cleaning paths and wells, marking paths.Organize voluntary actions with the students from the closely high schools (e.g.
cleaning the forest, painting tourist signs, painting the walls of the youth club),the main aim is ti show them the value of voluntary
and social work
-present national and international programmes for local young people,supporting their application,supporting their preparation
for the international projects and organizing follow-up meetings after the programmes
-support the local youngsters to take their ideas into actions by giving information and cooperating with them;
-activities related to heritage protection: e.g. collecting and scanning old photos, cataloguing book donations to the local libraries,
noting down old recipes-the aim is to engage local inhabitants and shoe them the value of their traditions and culture in globalized
-helping staff of organisation with everyday work as much as one can(eg.fundraising,collecting of needful information in internet,
periodically updating a web-page of the organisation,technical support etc).
Georgian language courses (2 time in a week)

Main tasks that will be offered to SHORT-TERM EVS volunteers are: promotion of volunteering, outdoor activities (camps, action, trips), gender equality and fight against gender and domestic violence (action, flash-mobs), health lifestyle (campaigns, action, sport activities), intercultural exchange, art and etc (exhibitions, festivals, cultural event):

1)The Summer School
1-2 weeks of July:
-prepare to activities, collect the materials (videos,music,different funny tasks,energizers,presentation,games,seminars),
-planning the everyday activities, distribute tasks/activities between each engaged volunteer(local and foreigner)
-promoting information about summer school: preparation promotional materials and spreading them among interested parties
– recruitment of participants.
3-4 weeks of July
– realization of planned activities in frame of summer school
1) The Camp
1-2 weeks of August
– prepare to camp:planning to route for hiking,marking hiking trails,prepare place for camp,prepare camp programme
– promoting information about camp, recruitment of participants,hold pre-departure workshops about safety at camp,ecological
issues,rules of behaviour in the nature etc
3-4 weeks of August
– realization of planned activities in frame of the camp

We would like to invite young people who are: interested in social work, educational science studies, psychology, gender issues, women right protection, interested in Georgian culture, history and current problems of local community, creative, having interest in working with young people and in intercultural communication, optimistic, outgoing and honest, flexible, friendly and helpful, independent, with ability to show initiative, responsible and trustworthy, interested in work with children, youth, and internally displaced people. Volunteers will be selected first through their CVs and Motivation Letters. All the volunteers will be treated equally through the whole selection process. First round of interviews will be conducted by the recruiting team in the sending organization and the second round in the host organization. EVS volunteering in our organisation understand potentially assigned tasks their role and agree with offered living conditions (which may be of lower standard than in their country of origin).

EVS w Gruzji