“Healthy human, healthy environment” | EVS w Portugalii

flaga1“Healthy human, healthy environment”  to wspólna propozycja portugalskiej organizacji Aventura Marão Clube we współpracy z Fundacją Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego.

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Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 08/09/2018.

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Organizacja przyjmująca: Aventura Marão Clube
Miejsce: Amarante, Portugalia
Deadline: 03/09/2018
Czas trwania: 17/09/2018 – 05/07/2019 (303 dni)

Aventura Marão Clube (AMC) is a no profit association created in 1993 by a group of young people of Amarante (actually AMC has 480 members). The main objective is to promote a healthy way of life among the population (especially Youth) and nowadays runs three different sections: Mountain Bikes, Canoeing and Fair Trade. Under this last one AMC opened in 1999 the first Portuguese fair trade shop and participates in actions of promotion and training at national and international youth programs and also organizes, since 2000, international Workcamps about different themes such as environmental preservation, archaeology or fair trade. Since November 2008 we run Casa da Juventude de Amarante (Youth Centre and Hostel) and we are quite involved in Youth in Action
(Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, EVS, etc.), LLL (Grundtvig, LDV, etc.) and new Erasmus+. In the last 5 years we coordinated around 60 projects involving more than 500 local youngsters in volunteering and international mobility. By so we are quite engaged promoting Europe and its values to the local youth community. Recently we approved our strategic plan for 2014-2020 that sustain the experience and knowledge that we collected and also take into consideration the SWOT analysis we’ve done by the end of 2013.Taking this into account the strategy adopted should meet the identified needs and seize new opportunities available, fitting in both cases the priorities arising from the vision we have for this space / concept. The implementation of this strategy should be based on educational approaches that privileges Non Formal Education (NFE) as a methodology and encourage the use of experiential methods (learning by doing), surprising activities (art/provocation), including information and communication technologies (ICT), and finally, using music and outdoor activities (sports and nature) as tools for more active involvement of young people in our activities.
Finally, and despite being essential to monitor the identified needs and adapt our actions to the policies and priorities that define the context in which we work, we cannot neglect the strategic pillars we consider and give coherence and support to our work:
a) Healthy lifestyles (food and sport);
b) Sustainable development (in the fields of organic farming, local consumption and fair trade);
c) Human Rights Education;
d) Innovation and Creativity;
e) Intercultural dialogue, mainly with partners from out of Europe: Africa and Caucasus.
AMC is always willing to participate in projects that will allow the development of skills/competences of its youth workers and raise awareness about the values and principles we stand for. Since 2009, we are organizing projects in the field of Non-Formal Education (more than 60 approved projects under Youth in Action, Lifelong learning and Erasmus+) using several methods and techniques related to drama, theatre and dance as they are very good tools to enhance social and personal development of young people. We organize EVS, youth exchanges, training courses, local workshops and other initiatives that are connected to
entrepreneurship and creativity, youth participation, human rights, sustainable development, fair trade and healthy lifestyles. Logistically and operationally AMC has lots of experience and excellent human and material conditions for the organization of projects in this area (60 approved projects in the last 5 years under Youth in Action and Erasmus+ programs). From the human point of view has capacity in the area of Non Formal Education (NFE) and to work in multicultural environments (with proficiency in foreign languages, mainly English, French and Italian).
Our team is composed by:
-Engineer (Miguel Pinto), former EVS, youth trainer with quite experience as coordinator and trainer on Workcamps, youth exchanges, study visits, training courses, seminars, etc.;
– Social worker (Marcella Serra), former EVS, youth trainer also with quite experience as coordinator and trainer on
Workcamps, youth exchanges, study visits, training courses, seminars.

Accommodation will be in an apartment (T3) or house (T5) both in Amarante’s city center and nearby our youth centre where usually we host our EVS volunteers. These places are well equipped with rooms, bathrooms and kitchen (laundry is for free in the youth centre). In some cases volunteers might have to share rooms – double rooms. Volunteers are allowed to have guests for free (accommodation) in a good sense basis and after agreement from Coordinating Organization.

Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be given from Monday to Saturday (6 days per week) by our organization at the youth centre (Casa da Juventude de Amarante, where usually we serve meals to our EVS volunteers (we run a restaurant there). Food is vegetarian (including also eggs, milk, seitan, tofu, mushrooms, etc.). Besides that we will give 35€/month to each volunteer to organize own meals on Sundays (we pay according to invoices given by the volunteers). If around, volunteer’s guests should pay their own meals from Monday to Saturday.  Volunteers also receive 150€ of pocket money per month.

The volunteer will give coherence and support to our work:
a) healthy lifestyles (nutrition and sport);
b) sustainable development (in the areas of organic production, local consumption and fair trade);
c) education for Human Rights;
d) initiative and creativity;
e) intercultural dialogue.

Volunteer profile
We are searching for young and open minded volunteers with good communication skills and good English skills. Volunteers should be motivated, responsible, and ready to learn and to work in a team. We are looking for volunteers who like to work with people from different generations: kids, youth, students, elderly people as well as NGOs working with disable people.

We are interested in people who are enthusiastic, creative, communicative, open-minded, socially sensitive and supporting the idea of tolerance, respect and cooperation between cultures, willing to share their experience and knowledge with the others and willing to turn their ideas into action as one of the aim of receiving organization is to create space for the personal development of the youngster creating space and opportunity to express themselves and their will.