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4a117e6df1474-p“Ecovillages in Artieda” to wspólny projekt Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i hiszpańskiej organizacji Arterra Bizimodu. Poszukujemy wolontariuszy na zaakceptowany już projekt EVS w Artieda.

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Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 15/09/2018

Miejsce: Artieda, Hiszpania
Organizacja koordynująca i wysyłająca: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Organizacja przyjmująca: Arterra Bizimodu
Daty aktywności: 02/11/2018 – 02/05/2019
Ilość wolontariuszy: 2

Arterra Bizimodu is an association created with the aim of experiencing models of sustainable living. To do this, we have created a co-housing and collaborative working space. We work with creativity and through learning by doing, and we want to collaborate with different people, groups, and local entities.
We understand the welcoming of young European volunteers as a two-way opportunity:
enriching both for us as a group, and for the young people who come and who we can send as
volunteers from the association.
The association, despite being relatively new, has already participated in EVS projects, as well
as receiving volunteers throughout the year. This year 80 people were here working on a range of projects through informal volunteering, besides the EVS volunteers we have received in the last three years. Various members of the group have longstanding experience in organising voluntary work and therefore have been able to coordinate our volunteer programme. Arterra has developed in its four years as an association various different national and international projects which have been supported by the collective experience of its members, largely gained in other groups and projects, both formal and informal.

Arterra is based around a series of different activities:
1. Innovative projects for rural economic development: The ‘Contenedor de Ruido’ (recording
studio), Baratzan Blai (organic garden), Ecohabitar Magazine (leader in eco-construction),
Maiterra (production of organic soaps), among others.
2. The development and coordination of local networks of organic production.
3. The transformation of three hectares of golf course into a food forest and garden based on
permaculture design principles, with associated projects such as an organic greenhouse,
biochar production for carbon sequestering, composting, and others.
4. The development of a neighbourhood food waste composting project based around a chicken coop, in collaboration with the waste management department of the local municipality.
5. The development and sharing of tools for social wellbeing through workshops and courses
such as communication, facilitation, collaborative leadership, sociocracy, and conflict resolution.
6. The sharing of information, through training courses, about sustainability and care for the
7. Communication and diffusion through websites and social networks, active participation in
associated networks such as the Iberian and Global Ecovillage Networks.
8. Language training in Spanish, English and Basque.
9. Internal courses about eco-construction and renewable energy, such as cob building, clay
ovens and biogas systems.
10. Nutrition and cooking based on consciousness and balance.
11. Getting to know the local area through varied activities and participation in regional projects.
Besides working on these projects, we also collaborate on everyday tasks: cooking, cleaning,
maintenance and so on. There are ample project work spaces and guest living spaces as well
as competent trainers and training activities with youth and adults ongoing throughout the year.

Arterra Bizimodu has fully equipped apartments (28-32 m2) which the volunteers can share
during their stay. Arterra provides basic necessities: beds sheets, blankets, stove, utensils,
bathroom and hot water, heating. There is also the possibility for volunteers to have individual rooms in a shared apartment to maintain their privacy – this is decided based on their needs and our availability.
Arterra also has sports installations – pingpong table, bicycles (the local sport here), and a
swimming pool. We have a common kitchen and dining room for lunch, which is also available
for shared dinners, parties, birthdays and so on. We also have a small food store which buys in
the necessary food for shared eating. We have plenty of rooms and space for meetings, games, theatre, circus, music, as well as internet and coworking spaces. Outside the building we have gardens, and in the local town a squash court and a traditional bakery.

There is a bus route between Pamplona and Lumbier which passes by Artieda, with two round
trips per day. There are usually various daily trips by car to Pamplona, Aoiz and Lumbier which
are available to share. Opposite the building there is the ‘Via Verde’, a bicycle route between
Artieda and Lumbier.

Health centres
The village of Artieda is attended by a doctor that visits twice a week. The closest medical
centres are Lumbier (7km), Aoiz (15km), Sangüesa (18km), and hospitals in Pamplona (35km).

Volunteer Profile
We are looking for volunteers with the following profile:
● Young people interested in sustainability, looking for innovative and creative initiatives
● They may have difficulties with traditional education, seeking and not finding what they’re
looking for
● Some may come from rural areas and are looking for ways to continue with this way of
life, experiencing different kinds of rural projects
● With diverse skills, ideally with some knowledge of English or Spanish
● With the ability to carry out manual labour and the desire to live in the countryside, with
all this implies
● With interest to get to know and participate in collective living: communities, groups,