EVS w Rosji, The Centre of international volunteering “V Proekte!”

EVS w RosjiEVS w Rosji wspólny projekt Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i rosyjskiej organizacji The Centre of international volunteering “V Proekte!”. Zgłoszenia (CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu oraz info.vproekte@gmail.com (ZGŁOSZENIE NALEŻY WYSŁAĆ NA OBA PODANE ADRESY RÓWNOCZEŚNIE!)

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 25 marzec 2018 r.

Do wiadomości w treści maila prosimy dodawać poniższą informację:
Sending organization: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Acronym: FRSP
Adress: Warszawska 6, 311 room, 40-006 Katowice, Silesia region, POLAND
PIC: 934141623
Accreditation number: 2015-1-PL01-KA110-014455
EVS coordinator:
Natalia Podbielska

Mamy dla Was nie lada gratkę – propozycję projektu w odległym zakątku Rosji – Samarze, blisko granicy z Kazachstanem w organizacji Samara Public Non-profit Organization for Disabled People Parus Nadezhdy. Do zadań wolontariusza EVS należeć będzie współpraca z lokalną młodzieżą i dzieciakami , głównie z osobami z mniejszymi szansami i specjalnymi potrzebami (z niepełnosprawnością) w ramach projektów warsztatowych, szkoleniowych, organizacji czasu wolnego itd.

Receiving Organization: Parus Nadezhdy (Sail of Hope)
Location: Samara, Russia
Period: 01/10/2018 – 30/09/2019
Long term project (12 months)
Vacancy: 2 placements

Parus Nadezhdy (Sail of Hope) is looking for a volunteer from Poland! We need an enthusiastic and motivated volunteer to come to Samara, Russia and help provide valuable support to children and young people with disabilities!

Proposed tasks:
The volunteer will participate in the general activities of the Samara public non-profit organization for disabled children and disabled people since childhood «Parus Nadezhdy».

  • Communicating with disabled children at the centre or at home twice a week, providing them with moral support and physical assistance.
  • Working with children. This may include reading, drama, sports, workshops etc. thereby revealing their creative abilities are important.
  • Participating in any events/celebrations organized by Parus Nadezhdy
  • Implementing a club for children to tell them about the history, culture, customs and traditions of the volunteer’s native country
  • Volunteers are also welcome to come up with their own ideas and make use of their own skills and interests!

The project will take place in the city of Samara. Here’s some information about it:

Samara is one of the largest Russian cities; its history is closely interwoven with the entire history of the Russian State. Samara occupies a territory of 53’600 sq. km and lies 1’000 km south-east of Moscow. Population – 1’219’000 people. Samara has a good geographical position and rich soil. That is why the region has a well-developed agriculture and food industry, meat and dairy production in particular.

Samara has deep-rooted cultural traditions. It’s past and present preserve the names of famous writers, artists, musicians and actors. Samara is a place of peaceful coexistence for different peoples and religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism + Catholic and Lutheran communities). There are different ethnic groups represented: Jewish, Armenian, Georgian, Chechnya, Chuvash, Mordva, German, Czech, Polish, and many other communities. Together they are creating a positive atmosphere for regional development, sharing their cultures and traditions and enriching the spirit of the city together with good economic trade partnership.

Samara is situated in a very picturesque location on the river Volga, near the Zhiguli mountains surrounded by boundless steppes, numerous lakes and fertile pastures. People are proud of the National Reserve situated on the opposite bank of the river Volga. In summer time people usually go trekking in the mountains, in winter they have a good opportunity to use the unique skiing facilities.
The Volga embankment is a good place to walk around, to bathe and just visit the numerous cafes.

Regarding the selection process:
Motivation is the most important factor. If the volunteer’s motivation matches the project, then the supervisors at the project in cooperation with the supporting organization the «Centre of international volunteering «V Proekte!» decide whether or not to accept the volunteer. The receiving organisation and «V Proekte!» together invite every candidate for a Skype interview. The selection is made on agreement with the supervisors of the receiving organization.

Parus Nadezhdy is most interested in volunteers who are motivated to get to know another way of life and to put themselves in a new social and cultural situation in order to try to understand other ways of living and other values.

Parus Nadezhdy is looking to host people who are interested in working with the disabled people. This type of project is one of the most difficult and demanding. Working with people is not easy, especially if we talk about working with people with fewer opportunities and special needs. The volunteer should have at least some prior experience with disabled people. Even personal experience helps a lot. It is very important to be positive and open-minded. Volunteers should also be ready to do a lot of routine and physically demanding work. This requires a lot of patience and tolerance. Volunteers must be motivated to participate in many different activities and willing to use their own initiative. They must be tolerant and enthusiastic. They must be willing to work with young people and to create new activities to do with inter-cultural education.

As Parus Nadezhdy is looking for someone motivated, enthusiastic and willing to work with disabled children, age and gender are not important.

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