EVS w PortugaliiEVS w Portugalii to wspólna propozycja organizacji Aventura Marão Clube we współpracy z Fundacją Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego. Projekt pt. “AMBASSADORS OF EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY” został zaakceptowany do dofinansowania przez Portugalską Narodową Agencję i rozpocznie się już w maju 2018. Zgłoszenia należy dokonać wysyłając CV i list motywacyjny w języku angielskim na adres mailowy: natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 21 maj  2018r.

Projekty w Amarante pt. AMBASSADORS OF EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY to już kolejna współpraca z organizacją Aventura Marão Clube. Jako wolontariusze będziecie mieli okazję prowadzić zajęcia kulturalne i rekreacyjne dla użytkowników centrów prowadzonych przez organizację Aventura Marão Clube. Projekt przewiduje różne działania, wiele z nich jest związanych z młodzieżą i polityką młodzieżową, ale nie tylko. We współpracy z wieloma organizacjami społecznymi w Amarante: szkołami, sierocińcem (Terra dos Hommens), instytucjami dla osób niepełnosprawnych (Cerci) czy osób starszych (Santa Casa), będzie współpracować bezpośrednio z grupami docelowymi organizacji partnerskich. Oprócz instytucji będziecie mieli okazję pracować w gospodarstwie ekologicznym, pomagać w szerzeniu idei fair traid i sprzedawać ekologiczne produkty lokalnych producentów i farmerów.

Jeżeli jeszcze Was nie przekonaliśmy, zobaczcie i poczytajcie relację naszych ostatnich wolontariuszek Gosi, Patrycji i Sylwii z projektu „Healthy lifestyle among all generations”

Sending organisation: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Coordinating andReceiving organisation: Aventura Marão Clube
Location: Amarante, Portugal
Deadline: 21/05/2018
Start: 01/06/2018
End: 30/05/2019
Placements: 1 volunteer

The project “EMBAIXADORES DE SOLIDARIEDADE EUROPEIA” is a Volunteering Project with 1 Coordinating Organisation (AMC from Portugal), other 5 hosting organizations and 5 volunteers (1 per country) coming from 5 Sending Organizations from EU Program Countries (Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland and France) during 12 months, from 30th May 2018 until 29th May 2019. The project´s main themes are Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy but also mobility, opportunities, healthy lifestyles), Inclusion – equity (disability, children and Intergenerational activities) and Creativity and culture (local events, cultural agenda, project management, free time activities) with the aim of supporting AMC and its local partner institutions. The venue and all Volunteering Activity will take place in Amarante where volunteers will be involved in different tasks that will be developed in the 5 different Host Organisations (Youth Centre managed by AMC and in 4 other local institutions: Cooperativa Cercimarante, Associação A Terra dos Homens, União Freguesias Amarante and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Amarante).

The Marão Adventure Club (AMC) is an associative nonprofit civil law established in 1993 by a group of young amarante with a mission to promote practices and healthy lifestyles among the population (especially the young) Amarante. Currently has 360 members and is in full operation three sections: mountain biking, canoeing and Fair Trade. The latter is responsible since 1999 for managing the first Portuguese shop Fair Trade and in particular since 2008 for the management and coordination of the House of Amarante Youth through which has coordinated around 35 projects, mainly European, and involved more 300 young amarante in voluntary activities and international participation.

– Support to technicians and teachers on education, training and free time activities for children, elderly and disable people as well as support local organic farmers, local fair trade and our local Youth Center (CJ Amarante). In this last option they will be involved in the elaboration and implementation of activity programs for young people, strongly involved in mobility and participation projects under Erasmus+ Program and European Solidarity Corps);
– Support to local cultural and social events (Festa Amarantina, youth festival, donkees’ market, etc.).
– Support to local municipality projects (RUA – urban rehabilitation and PAJ – Youth Action Plan);
– Support to parent’s associations at primary schools (with UFA);
– Support to city kennel (with local municipality);
– Support to AMC’s projects (as facilitators during Youth Exchanges, Workcamps, etc.).
The working methods will be based on Non Formal Education (NFE), active participation and learning by doing. The European volunteers will learn by their own experiences in direct contact with other youngsters and target-groups from each Hosting Organisation. The volunteers will use several methods of NFE during their tasks: brainstorming, round tables, work in small groups and plenary presentation, production of multimedia material (photo and video), exhibitions, energisers, role-plays, simulations, activities from COMPASS (Manual for Human Rights Education with young people), sports and outdoor activities, guided visits, etc.. This will be a very important moment of learning, personal growth and an opportunity to open their horizons and enrich their knowledge. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to develop their autonomy, communication skills and social interaction.
This project intends to create a great impact both to volunteers and host organizations, and by that, to the entire community. The regular presence of foreign volunteers in those institutions, valorize the role of young people in society, reinforce the values of solidarity, also at intergenerational dimension, and place youth organizations such as AMC as local coordinators and “ambassadors” of Europe and its opportunities.

Accommodation will be in an apartment or house (both in Amarante’s city center and nearby our youth centre) where usually we host our volunteers. These places are well equipped with rooms, bathrooms and kitchen (laundry is for free in the youth centre). In some cases volunteers might have to share rooms – double rooms. Volunteers are allowed to have guests for free (accommodation) in a good sense basis and after agreement from Hosting Organization.

Food and Pocket money
The “Pocket money” to the volunteer for additional personal expenses accordind to the Erasmus plus Guide 2018 is a contribution of 5€/day per volunteer (150 EUR per 1 month).
Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be given from Monday to Saturday (6 days per week) by our organization at the youth centre (Casa da Juventude de Amarante) where usually we serve meals to our volunteers (we run a vegetarian restaurant there). Food is vegetarian (including also eggs, milk, seitan, tofu, mushrooms, etc.). Besides that we will give 35€/month to each volunteer to organize own meals at Sunday (we pay according to invoices given by volunteers). If around, volunteer’s guests should pay their own meals from Monday to Saturday.

Volunteer profile
Selection critireas:
Preferentially candidates from 18 until 25 yers old;
– Gender balance;
Differents backgrounds (including fewer opportunity candidates);
Differents skils and/or interests (work with elderly/kids/disabled people, organic cultivation, ICT skills)

We are searching for young and open minded volunteers with good communication skills and good English skills. Volunteers should be motivated, responsible, and ready to learn and to work in a team. We are looking for volunteers who like to work with people from different generations: kids, youth, students, elderly people as well as NGOs working with disable people.

We are interested in people who are enthusiastic, creative, communicative, open-minded, socially sensitive and supporting the idea of tolerance, respect and cooperation between cultures, willing to share their experience and knowledge with the others and willing to turn their ideas into action as one of the aim of receiving organization is to create space for the personal development of the youngster creating space and opportunity to express themselves and their will.

Project Infopack:AMC – Ambassador of EU Solidarity – InfoPack
Organization AMC Infopack: EMBAIXADORES 2018 – welcome pack FEV 18

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