EVS w Rosji, Sfera Movement (Kirov i Tomsk)

EVS w RosjiEVS w Rosji to wspólna propozycja Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i rosyjskiej organizacja SFERA , która poszukuje wolontariuszy na projekty w miastach takich jak: Kirov oraz Tomsk. Zgłoszenia (CV oraz specjalny formularz aplikacyjny: application form_SFERA w j. angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu oraz na sfera.evs@gmail.com (zgłoszenie należy wysłać na oba adresy mailowe).

W tytule wiadomości mailowej należy wpisać konkretną nazwę projektu na jaki się aplikuje, np. EVS in Detskoe selo – Waldorf kindergarten lub EVS in The Center for volunteering “UNIVOL”. 

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 10 września 2017 r.

W treści wiadomości mailowej prosimy dodać:

Sending organization: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Acronym: FRSP
Adress: Warszawska 6, 311 room, 40-006 Katowice, Silesia region, POLAND
PIC: 934141623
Accreditation number: 2015-1-PL01-KA110-014455
EVS coordinator:
Natalia Podbielska
We are able to apply with the project to Polish National Agency for the nearest deadline.

FRSP ma tym razem do zaproponowania 3 różne projekty, które mają miejsce w Rosji. Dostępnych jest w sumie 5 wolnych miejsc. Kilka z nich dotyczy pracy z dzieciakami w szkołach i przedszkolach, znajdzie się również coś dla osób które chciałby działać przy organizacji różnego typu wydarzeń jak międzynarodowe spotkania, konferencje, campy, wymiany młodzieżowe, promocja.

Receiving Organisation:
Location: Kirov/Tomsk, Russian Federation
Deadline: 10/09/2017

  1. Project EVS in Kirov  – Detskoe selo – Waldorf kindergartenAbout organization:Detskoe selo is uniting the parents themselves,whose priority is the whole harmonic developing process of their children and the kindergarten stuff members who are working closely with children day by day. Our goal is the bringing up a personality,who has inner freedom,ability to make responsible choses,to be open-minded and to able for self-expression.The most important step in the life of a child is the preschooling childhood. We believe that it’s the very important that the first seven years are full of kindness atmosphere with the big amount of children fairy tales and holidays with the attentive kind adults next to. Then we suppose that a small child can be taught to be patient, attentive himself and creative.The primary activities of the volunteers are:

    1. Helping to manage a daily educational routine with children at the age of 4 -7 adding to that introduction to foreign literature, including games, competitions, songs and dances.
    2. Participation in the events and actions organized by the staff of the kindergarten. Take an active role in communication with children, in preparation materials, in inventing new ideas.
    3. Visiting some schools, orphanages together with representative of the kindergarten with presentations, interesting games.
    4. Taking part in the projects, realized in different departments of the kindergarten.
    5. Helping in leading English class for children. As well as helping to lead a family English club.
    6. Helping with technical tasks, as repairing books, decorating rooms, making order as well as in family classes.
    7. The volunteers will have opportunity to realize their own small project with the help of the kindergarten staff. Realizing their own project can influence on the community.

    All applications of volunteers will be considered by the following criteria:
    – motivation to work with children of the age 4 – 7;
    – readiness to work hard, because it’s not so easy to work in the different conditions, with international team, with other educational system and in the other language;
    – readiness to learn Russian;
    – readiness to promote culture.
    The most important criteria are strong motivation to do voluntary service and learn a lot from the project!

    Volunteers needed: 1.

    Dates of the project – 01/03/17-01/01/2019

  2. Project EVS in Kirov – The state general education institution  “Kirov Lyceum of physics and mathematics”The Lyceym of phisics and mathematics is one of the leaders in school educational system in Kirov region. It was founded in 1988 as a secondary school and in 1991 it got the high status of Lyceum. Te main aim of the Lyceum is theearly detection, training and education of children withintellectual and creative talents.The Lyceum was declared as the best in education system on the regional and state level several times. About 550 students from 7 till 17 years old study in the Lyceum. The Lyceym has very qualitive educational system and students get high awards on the state and international contests every year. About 40 teachers work there.EVS volunteer will be involeved in free time activities for students. He/she will help teachers to organize common events, festivals, parties. Becides volunteer will help teachers to organize foreign language classes. It will depend from what country volunteer will be. Also volunteer will help to implement children`s and youth`s projects. It can be social projects, scintific projects, study projects. It will depend on the sphere where vilunteer is the best. Volunteer will also has chance to help teachers to organise exursions and trips for children and at the same time to see interesting places in Kirov region and in Russia.

    The volunteers will have a social role in the Lyceum and be in contact with children. She/he will assist in the daily work in the Lyceum, including administrative and informative tasks.

    The primary activities of the volunteers are:

    Preparation and realization lessons of non-formal education for children and teenagers;
    Participation in the actions and events spent by employees of school;
    The volunteers will have the opportunity to create own group of students (patrol), which will be directed on physical and cultural development of children, self-affirmation and increasing of activity of adults;
    Volunteer could help students in different activities in the Lyceum museum and Lyceum newspaper;
    Volunteer will have possibility organize leisure time, workshops, and game process for students of the Lyceum;
    Volunteers will be asked to help active groups at the Lyceum, Students Council and Students Scientific Community in organization of different kinds of events, such as organizing conferences, concerts, festivals;
    Also, volunteers will have opportunity to realize their own small projects with help of Lyceum staff;
    During the summer holidays in the Lyceum volunteers will have opportunities to work in the international workcamps organized by SFERA.
    All the activities will be organized by non-formal and informal educational way.

    Volunteers needed: 2.

    Dates of the project – 01/03/17-01/01/2019

    Story of ex-EVS volunteer there can be found at this link.

  3. EVS project in Tomsk  – The Center for volunteering “UNIVOL”The Center of volunteering “UNIVOL” works in 3 main directions:1. organisational: carrying out events for promoting voluntary work (f.e. annual Forum for volunteers “About my experience”), organisation of campaigns in the different fields of volunteering (work with children, animals, environment), realization of volunteer projects for the benefit of the city and region, assistance in organizing university and city events;
    2. educational: carrying out educational courses for beginner volunteers, organisation of workshops, seminars and trainings about different areas of voluntary work, implementation of the social practice system at the NGO of the city, carrying out annual social projects contest for students and pupils;
    3. international: informational support and consulting assistance for future participants of the international volunteering programs, organisation of the annual ecological workcamp.Volunteers will be included in all three directions of the Center. The primary activities of the volunteers are:

    1. helping with the events for volunteers organized by the Center: actions and campaigns, social projects, contests for volunteers, seminars, workshops, trainings;

    2. preparation of meetings and clubs for other volunteers and students to study foreign language in a non-formal way;

    3. organizing seminars and presentations for students and volunteers about participation in international voluntary projects and its opportunities:

    4. updating website and webpage of our Center with new photos, videos, stories about EVS experience;

    5. volunteers also will have a chance to organize and implement their own social project for students or citizens with help of other volunteers and the Center’s staff.

    In addition to the above activities, the Center has a few annual big events, such as voluntary and social projects contest for students and pupils, international summer workcamp and regional Forum for beginner volunteers. EVS volunteers can take part in these projects and are more than welcome to add their ideas to these events.

    Volunteers needed: 2.

    Dates of the project – 01/03/17-01/01/2019


1.       Volunteer needs a visa to enter Russia. According to Russian legislation, with humanitarian type of visa you can’t stay in Russia longer than 90 days. Therefore, every 3 months you will have a chance to go back home and see your friends and family while waiting for the new visa. Visa costs and travel are included into budget and these days at home won’t be considered as your holiday.
2.       You will have a local mentor who will help you to integrate better into local culture.
3.       You will receive 100 euro per month for food, 60  euro for pocket money, your transport costs “home-work-home” will be covered, you will have language course of Russian language and strong medical insurance.
4.       You will have coordinator in hosting organization who will support you throughout whole project.
5.       You’ll live in a shared apartment with other volunteers from different countries or in a host family (will be decided closer to beginning of the project).

If you’re interested to apply for our projects, please send application form (can be downloaded: application form_SFERA ) to sfera.evs@gmail.com and natalia.podbielska@frsp.eu by 10th of September. Please mention the name of organization that you’re applying for. IMPORTANT! Last page of the application form is to be filled in by your sending organization. Without it, application will not be considered. 
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